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Electropolishing: Smoother Metal Parts Perform Better, Last Longer

September 24, 2013
What is the Notch Effect, and How Does Electropolishing Eliminate It?

Even a metal part that looks flawless to the naked eye can have micro imperfections that drastically shorten its fatigue life. Parts that bend and flex, like springs, are particularly vulnerable to the notch effect, which can cause part failure before they last as long as estimated. What is the notch effect, exactly, and how can electropolishing stainless steel and other metal parts prevent it from causing premature part failure?

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Electropolishing Creates an Ultraclean Surface that Lasts Indefinitely

September 17, 2013
Unlike other types of metal finishing like passivation, electropolishing provides long-lasting results to ensure bright, durable parts

Electropolishing for Stainless Steel Parts of All Sizes

September 10, 2013
Both small, delicate parts and large, complex parts can be uniformly electropolished in bulk or small volumes without the risk of distortion
The Able Electropolishing Advantage

The Able Electropolishing Advantage

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