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Get Products to Market Faster with Cost Effective Contract Cleaning

January 6, 2020
Get Products to Market Faster with Cost Effective Contract Cleaning Services contract-cleaning

The right metal finishing process starts with the right cleaning process to remove grease and other residue left behind in the manufacturing or stamping process.

While not generally a complicated step, post-production cleaning of metal parts either as a final step or in preparation for finishing by electropolishing is increasingly in demand as an outsourced service. One reason is that in-house water-based cleaners are typically not effective at removing grease and oils from parts. And for parts that will also undergo electropolishing or passivation, it is often faster and more cost-effective to send parts out to be cleaned and electropolished in the same place.

At Able Electropolishing, we offer contract cleaning as a stand-alone service and as a pre-cleaning step to prepare parts for electropolishing or passivation.

Vapor Degreasing

Vapor degreasing of metal parts uses vapors created by heating the solvent trichloroethylene to remove lubricants that water-based cleaners cannot. It’s an effective degreasing process, but it requires a bit of space and adequate ventilation for safety and environmental compliance so it is often more efficient to use a third-party specialist.

Alkaline Cleaning

Alkaline cleaning, which uses a caustic soda of sodium hydroxide, is an effective method for removing adhesive residue left behind by vinyl coatings used to protect the material during  stamping or laser coating.

Cost-Effective and Customized Services

Whether as a final step in preparing parts for shipping or as pre-cleaning for parts that will undergo additional finishing processes, our contract cleaning services produce results that often exceed those that can be achieved in-house – for cleanliness, speed and cost-effectiveness. 

For parts that will be electropolished or passivated, our pre-cleaning services provide a one-stop solution that will enable you to get your products to market in less time.

At Able we have deep expertise in metal finishing processes and technologies – both as a provider and as pioneers in the science itself. Our methods are customized product by product as part of continually evolving processes created in collaboration with clients across industries that includes medical device manufacturers, aerospace, laboratories, automobile manufacturing, food production and more.

Our ability to collaborate and customize our processes at every phase – from prototyping to packaging – provides our clients with an evolving array of solutions and a competitive edge.

To learn more about our processes for contract cleaning, give us a call or click on the link below.

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