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How Do I Know If My Part Is Passive? | Able Electropolishing

August 11, 2020
How Do I Know If My Part Is Passive?

Passivation is an acid-cleaning process designed to remove free iron from the surface of stainless steels. This process is an essential step in removing foreign matter from the surface of the metal and creating a chromium-rich layer that is resistant to corrosion. The process effectively prolongs the part’s lifespan. Passivation can be the differentiating factor between acceptable performance and untimely part breakdown.


Electropolishing for Safer, More Cleanable Metal Parts | Able

December 6, 2019
Electropolishing for Safer, More Cleanable Metal Parts

Manufacturers of medical devices and products for the food industry know that a smooth and shiny finish on metal parts is about more than the way a finished product looks.


Electropolishing vs. Tumbling for Deburring Metal Parts | Able

July 10, 2013
Comparing Methods for Deburring Metal

When metal parts are stamped or machined, they may be left with ragged edges and burrs that impede their performance. Burrs on a sharp metal cutting implement, for example, may hinder its ability to cut smoothly. Burrs may also break off during use, posing hazards when metal tools are used in medical or food applications—broken-off flecks of metal could make their way into food or a medical patient.

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The Able Electropolishing Advantage

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