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Increase Resistance to Stainless Steel Galling with Electropolishing

February 23, 2015
Electropolishing Refines Surfaces Affected by Galling

At times you may have found that your stainless steel bolts and nuts twist off during installation or find that the bolt's threads are failing to fit together with the threading of the nut. This is known as “thread galling.”

What Causes Galling?

Essentially, galling is a type of stress that occurs within sliding surfaces. When metal galls, especially if there is a large amount of force compressing the surfaces together, some of the metal is pulled with the contact surface. The most common cause of galling is a combination of resistance and bond between the two surfaces, which results in sliding and breakdown of the structure under the surface. This can often leave some metal stuck or even friction welded to the other surface, and it may look like rough pieces of material are stuck to its surface.

In general, certain metals are more likely to experience galling, because of the atomic structure of their crystals. For example, aluminum tends to gall very easily, however stainless steel has a somewhat higher resistance to galling.

Electropolishing: The Total Solution

You may have tried various methods to remedy galling, such as slowing down the speed of the installation RPM, frequent lubrication, or experimenting with different stainless steel grades for the nut and bolt. While they might provide a temporary solution, none of these methods will work for the long term. But steel that has been electropolished is extremely resistant to galling and will continue to perform for an extended period of time.

Ideal for Delicate Parts

Because electropolishing is an electrochemical process, and not a mechanical one, it can be used on metal parts of any size or shape. We frequently work with fragile, complex and delicate threaded parts. We can even arrange to electropolish large batches of multifaceted or tiny parts. Our process is a precise science, and it allows us to finish metal parts flawlessly every time.

If you have experienced galling on your metal parts, our electropolishing service will remove only the thinnest layer, leaving it polished, protected and ready to keep working for you. Give Able Electropolishing a call today to discuss specifics. We look forward to assisting you.

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