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Whitepaper: Advantages of Electropolishing for Deburring Metal Parts

June 3, 2020
The Advantages of Electropolishing for Deburring Metal Parts: A Whitepaper

Burrs and microburrs left behind by stamping and machining processes can affect the fit, function and safety of metal parts.


Why Deburring is Critical in the Food, Medical & Aerospace | Able

September 24, 2015
The Why & the How of Deburring Metal Parts

A burr is a raised, rough portion found on the surface of metal parts. This condition is commonly created as a result of machining operations such as cutting, stamping, grinding, milling or broaching.


Electrochemical Deburring for Stainless Steel | Able Electropolishing

October 8, 2014
What is Deburring?

As metal parts are fabricated, they undergo a variety of metalworking processes that can introduce burrs. Untreated metal parts may have jagged edges that can pose a risk to parts’ quality and safety. Deburring with use of electropolishing provides the needed solution. This metal finishing treatment enhances parts’ performance, improves part appearance, all while maintaining the parts’ shape without warping or distortion. Want to learn more about deburring? Examine the following benefits of this metal finishing operation.


Electropolishing vs. Tumbling for Deburring Metal Parts | Able

July 10, 2013
Comparing Methods for Deburring Metal

When metal parts are stamped or machined, they may be left with ragged edges and burrs that impede their performance. Burrs on a sharp metal cutting implement, for example, may hinder its ability to cut smoothly. Burrs may also break off during use, posing hazards when metal tools are used in medical or food applications—broken-off flecks of metal could make their way into food or a medical patient.

The Able Electropolishing Advantage

The Able Electropolishing Advantage

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