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Whitepaper: Electropolishing for Additive-Manufactured Parts

February 26, 2021
Whitepaper: Electropolishing for Improved Fit, Function, and Finish of Additive-Manufactured Partsable-additive-manufacturing-whitepaper

The expanding use of additive manufacturing – commonly known as 3D printing – for manufacturing critical metal components is driving interest in electropolishing among manufacturers using additive processes to create parts for everything from medical implants to aerospace and automotive components.

Additive manufacturing provides many benefits for the manufacturing of complex metal parts, including faster production and less waste.

But like traditional manufacturing methods, additive processes can also leave parts with surface imperfections like microburrs and cracks that affect part fit, function and durability.

Electropolishing’s unique ability to remove a microscopically precise layer of surface material holds great promise for a pioneering creator of orthopedic implants, among other Able clients.

Our whitepaper, Electropolishing for Improved Fit, Function, and Finish of Additive-Manufactured Parts, will introduce you to the role that electropolishing plays in the manufacture of additive-created metal parts, including as a final step in a process that can also include mechanical polishing methods.

Additive Whitepaper Overview

Here’s an overview of what you’ll learn:

  • How additive manufacturing works
  • Finishing options used with additive manufacturing
  • Electropolishing’s role in finishing parts manufactured via additive technology
  • How electropolishing works
  • The benefits of electropolishing alone and with other finishing methods

Learn More About Electropolishing for Additive-Manufactured Parts

At Able, we’ve spent decades honing our processes in collaboration with a remarkable array of clients whose cutting-edge work in the creation of parts for lifesaving medical devices, aerospace exploration and every imaginable feat of engineering drives our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. We are ISO 13485 certified, ensuring that our processes meet the internationally-recognized benchmark for stringent quality management standards in medical device manufacturing.

To learn more about how Able Electropolishing can help ensure the highest-quality finish for additive-manufactured parts, read our whitepaper, or give us a call and speak with one of our experts.

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