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New Technical Guide: Your Solution to Metal Surface Problems

January 3, 2024


From stubborn burrs and other microscopic defects to cleanability, corrosion, and premature part failure, metal surface issues are a common manufacturing challenge. 

Whether you're an OEM or contract manufacturer, the right solution to these problems must be cost-effective and thorough. 

Solving Problems with Electropolishing 

In our new guide, Your Solutions to Metal Surface Problems, we provide an overview of the electropolishing process and its effectiveness in eliminating many common metal surface problems.

Download your complimentary copy of this guide to discover how electropolishing solves metal surface issues and improves the finish, fit and function of metal parts:

1. Eliminate Burrs & Surface Imperfections: remove rough edges and other surface flaws that impact the appearance and function of your critical metal parts

2. Achieve the Ideal Microfinish: improve cleanability and pathogen-resistance with a flawless surface finish that elevates both aesthetics and performance

3. Enhance Corrosion Resistance: eliminate surface defects that can become initiation sites for corrosion and leave parts with 30% more corrosion resistance than passivation alone – while leaving parts passivated in the process

4. Extend the Lifespan of Your Parts: reduce the risk of premature part failure by removing defects and EDM recast layers that can weaken a part’s surface.

How the Electropolishing Process Works

Electropolishing is a precise process that carefully removes a precise layer from the surface of metal parts to eliminate micro cracks, burrs and other microscopic defects, improving Ra by up to 50%. This meticulously controlled chemical and electrical treatment not only eliminates imperfections, but enhances the overall finish, fit, and function of critical metal components.

The result is an ultra-smooth, ultra-clean surface with improved corrosion resistance, fatigue life improvement, and more.

From medical manufacturing to aerospace, automotive and others, electropolishing improves the quality and longevity of critical metal parts.

The Able Difference

As the world’s largest electropolishing specialist and a pioneer of the process, Able Electropolishing brings experience, expertise and a deep commitment to our customers that includes access to our network of trusted suppliers for additional services, logistical support and more.

To learn more about the problems electropolishing can solve for your metal parts, download the guide below or request a free electropolishing sample to see the results first-hand.

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The Able Electropolishing Advantage

The Able Electropolishing Advantage

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