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What are the Benefits of Titanium Anodizing?

In addition to electropolishing, titanium can benefit from a range of other finishing treatments, including color anodizing. Titanium anodizing is a process that builds up a layer of oxide on the surface of the metal part, which causes an interference in reflecting lights that creates a colorful appearance. Unlike dyes or coatings, anodizing doesn’t add any foreign materials to your parts—and its benefits go beyond the cosmetic.

Decorative Benefits of Titanium Anodizing

The most immediately recognizable benefit of titanium anodizing is the vibrant, consistent finish it creates for your parts. Just as uniform as electropolishing, titanium anodizing gives the surface of your parts even, all-over color. This can be used for marketing your parts as aesthetically unique and decorative.

Improving Identification

Because anodizing is appropriate for parts both large and small, many use it to color small parts according to type. High-volume batches of titanium fasteners, for example, may have subtle design differences between them. By anodizing them in varying colors, you can more quickly and easily tell them apart, even from a distance. This makes organization and identification significantly simpler.

Sanitary Finish

Unlike processes that dye your parts, titanium anodizing creates colors naturally. This means that your parts are given colors without the use of foreign additives, keeping them in as natural a state as possible. This sanitary, additive-free finish makes anodizing popular for medical tools like dental tips, and allows the alloy to retain its high corrosion resistance and ability to withstand high-temperature environments.

Other Titanium Treatments

Using anodizing to give your titanium parts bold, lasting colors isn’t the only way that you can improve their aesthetics. Electropolishing titanium, for example, improves its microfinish and gives it a lasting shine. By treating your titanium parts with processes like these, you can make it as visually distinct as it is strong.

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