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Looking Back & Planning Ahead: 70 Years of Electropolishing

March 25, 2024


In the heart of a post-World War II industrial boom, a self-taught chemist and visionary, Zenon Pokvitis, laid the foundation for what would become the world’s largest electropolishing specialist — Able Electropolishing.

As we celebrate 70 years of innovation and success this year, this milestone is not just a commemoration of a family legacy, but also a testament to our many customers over the years, whose innovation and collaboration have played an important role in the improvement and refinement of our processes.

Precise & Effective Results: The Many Benefits of Electropolishing

Electropolishing, often referred to as reverse electroplating, emerged in 1929. This electrochemical process removes a microscopically precise layer of metal surface material, leaving behind a finish that is significantly more resistant to corrosion and free of surface defects.

During the post-war era of innovation in 1954, Pokvitis established Able Electropolishing as a provider of electropolishing for manufacturing applications.

70 Years of Manufacturing Solutions

Over the decades, Able Electropolishing has evolved to become the world’s largest electropolishing specialist, with a 50,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art facility with 170 employees working across three shifts. With a process honed over decades of collaboration with engineers in industries like aerospace, medical device manufacturing, automotive, food processing and semiconductor, among others, the Able Electropolishing team has built a reputation for repeatable and high-quality results for improving the finish, fit and function of critical metal parts.

Today, Pokvitis' son-in-law John Glass, who joined Able in 1972, serves as Able’s CEO, and grandson Brian Glass serves as president.

A Metal Finishing Future Forged in Excellence

As manufacturers of increasingly complex metal parts look for precise and cost-effective solutions, the Able Electropolishing team is committed to helping them meet these challenges head-on.

Our investment in automation, training, and process improvement is designed to ensure an unmatched level of consistency and quality. Our commitment to making it easier for customers to get their products to market drives our solutions from start to finish – from a process for ensuring the best finishing results beginning in the prototyping stage to our network of trusted suppliers for sourcing additional services, products and logistical support.

Celebrating a Rich History & Progressive Future

The Able team today continues to honor the innovative spirit of our founder in helping to solve metal finishing challenges for manufacturers of critically needed products – and we look forward to many years of helping our customers get their products to market with the highest quality finishing results.

To learn more about electropolishing for your metal parts, schedule an Electropolishing 101 webinar, a technical part review, or speak to one of our electropolishing experts.

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