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Producing Consistent Electropolishing Results with Custom Racking

December 13, 2023

custom-parts-rackManufacturers that specify electropolishing for metal parts used in medical devices, pharmaceutical production equipment, semiconductors and food processing components need more than an ultrasmooth and defect-free surface; they need those results consistently – part after part, and across the surface of each individual part.

That can be a challenge for parts with an intricate or delicate design, or with interior diameters. Since electrical current follows the path of least resistance, you may have to add custom cathodes to get even results across all surfaces. This is especially true when electropolishing low current density areas like recesses or interior diameters.

And while robotic automation ensures the precision and repeatability of process requirements, rack making incorporates a layer of old-fashioned craftsmanship – the human kind. 

High-Quality Results for Parts of Various Shapes & Sizes

The availability of custom rack makers on each of the three shifts running 24/5 at Able Electropolishing means that parts of various sizes and shapes can be positioned for precise and consistent electropolishing results across both interior and exterior surfaces – without delay. 

With an average of 15 years of experience, Able rack makers design and build custom racks to ensure high quality results for the most delicate and complex parts. From the design of conforming cathodes to transmit current to interior diameters, to racks for parts so small they must be racked using tweezers, the expertise of our rack makers is part of the reason Able Electropolishing is the partner of choice for manufacturers of critical metal parts across industries.

The Benefits of Custom Rack Making

From faster turnaround of complex parts to the ability to minimize rack marks, having custom rack makers on every shift is a key factor in the high-quality results Able Electropolishing is known for. Examples of parts that require custom rack making include:

  • Multi-port equipment for pharmaceutical production
  • Extremely small or fragile parts for medical, aerospace and semiconductor manufacturing
  • Parts with difficult configurations and geometry
  • Parts that require electropolishing of interior diameters

Precision Electropolishing

Consistency is about attention to detail and processes that leave nothing to chance.

That’s what you can expect from Able Electropolishing, where 70 years of experience and collaboration with engineers across industries have left us with an unmatched capability to provide metal finishing solutions for critical metal parts.

Learn more about what we can do for your metal finishing challenges by contacting one of our electropolishing experts today. You can arrange to learn more about electropolishing in a personal learning session or request a technical part review by one of our experts. You can also send us a sample part to electropolish at no charge.

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