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Electropolishing: A Decorative Finish Is Just The Beginning

Back in the 1950s when it was developed, the electropolishing process earned its name because of the unmistakable bright, shiny finish that it left behind. While certainly a valuable aesthetic benefit and one that enhances appearance and consumer value, the attractive, chrome-like finish of electropolishing is just the beginning.

Benefits of Electropolishing

At Able Electropolishing, we offer our electropolishing services for a broad range of everyday and lesser-used alloys. We regularly work titanium, aluminum, copper, stainless and carbon steel, nickel alloys, in addition to Nitinol, Tungsten and other specialty alloys. Electropolishing delivers superior protection and enhanced performance compared to other methods such as passivation and electroplating. Other benefits include:

Reduced Distortion

Electropolishing is a safe, reliable way to achieve a smooth surface layer on complex or fragile parts that cannot be processed with conventional finishing methods. The part will not be stressed or altered in any way; and the process will not affect surface hardness.

Superior Weldability

Once electropolished, your metal parts will be more conductive to heat and electricity, resulting in improved weldability. The heightened conductivity results in excellent, strong welds at lower voltage. Electropolished surfaces are usually more secure to work with as well, as they often weld more easily with less splatter and external damage.


You will not experience peeling, rough edges, or untimely breakdown with an electropolished surface. Unlike other procedures such as panting or Teflon coating, electropolishing keeps particles from experiencing coating abrasion that can cause equipment breakdown or other hazards. Typical areas include critical switch assemblies, high vacuum assemblies, food or pharmacological processing, and pure gas or water systems.

Corrosion Resistance

Since electropolishing eliminates embedded contaminants and refines surfaces, the finished result will actively resist oxidation, tarnish and corrosion. The results are especially obvious on materials like stainless steel, but can also be found on copper, carbon steel, aluminum and brass.

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