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Electropolishing: An Easy Way to Resize Parts

When working with new or raw materials, it often becomes necessary to hone these materials to a specific size. Compared to similar processes, electropolishing is a quick, cost-effective way to achieve customized results.

A Proud History

Here at Able Electropolishing we have provided electropolishing, passivation and our unique Brite Passivation services for a wide range of industries for more than 58 years. From cutting edge technology applications for military helicopters to steel racks for food processing, we have a long history of helping engineers and other professionals enhance the performance, fit and look of their metal parts.

Improving Performance Across Industries

Unlike the typical passivation process, our electropolishing process enhances the function and performance of metal components by removing an extremely precise, highly controlled level of surface metal. By subtracting that material, we protect against the threat of burrs and imperfections can significantly hinder a part’s performance. This also enhances and extends the life of the part with a micro-finish, and rids the metal of rough surface areas where impurities and moisture get embedded and cause corrosion.

Small Parts? No problem.

Our signature Brite Passivation service, the lightest form of electropolishing available, is the ultimate way to eliminate extremely small layers of surface material. This means that we are able to achieve our signature finish on even the tiniest, most fragile parts. Because electropolishing is an electrochemical procedure using exact scientific processes (not manual or mechanical polishing) it can remove flaws from metal parts of all shapes and sizes. It can be used on parts big and small, including sizeable batches of tiny, complex or otherwise fragile parts.

Deburring, Smoothing Rough Edges & More

If you need to bring specialized “matched set” components to a specific size or weight, electropolishing can often solve the problem at a significantly lower cost than other traditional metal removal processes. We frequently electropolish parts with unique or specific tapering, precise weight control, and simultaneous deburring and sizing requirements.

Flawless Surface Finish

The unique benefits to our electropolishing services make it the perfect solution for a variety of industries such as automotive, dental, food service and many others. Our electropolishing services allow us to resize and smooth the entire surface area of a part, even if it has a multifaceted or elaborate design. Unlike mechanical polishes that can’t achieve perfectly uniform finishes on complex parts, the electropolishing process ensures an even, uniform finish across a part’s entire surface area.

To discuss applications for specific industries or if you have further inquiries, please contact us at Able Electropolishing for more information.

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