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Electropolishing Gives New Life to Oversized Parts

As anyone who works with metal can attest to, metal parts, have an inherent value; regardless of their current condition, size or shape. Often times, metal parts can be salvaged or repurposed to preform new tasks.

Electropolishing: A Brief Introduction

Electropolishing is an electrochemical process that combines rectified current with a chemical electrolyte bath to eliminate flaws from the surface of metal parts. The technology was introduced in the 1950s, and since then, electropolishing has been used in a diverse range of commercial and industrial capacities. The need for electropolishing services has only increased as the use of technology has become more commonplace in just about every industry.

Resizing, Simplified

In the past several years, developments have been made in electropolishing technology that allows metal removal to be as precise as .0001”. This control over stock removal, together with the capability to work on complex shapes and sizes, has allowed a variety of industries to save money using part sizing applications. On intricate or fragile components where final sizing is challenging or expensive, electropolishing can be an economical technique.

Stampings and Blankings

By simply ordering standard gauge material slightly thicker than final requirements, the parts can be blanked or formed as usual, and electropolished by Able Electropolishing to the thickness desired. The reduced material costs and delivery times of the standard material often make electropolishing the most cost-effective option.

Save Money with Scrap Recovery

While secondary grinding, lapping or other processes are often used to reduce an oversized part, most of these processes are useless once a part is in finished form or already hardened. Bores or holes can be expanded while concurrently reducing thicknesses on other surfaces or journals. Parts made oversized by operator or machine error, growth from heat or other unanticipated factors can be brought to the correct size with electropolishing. Able Electropolishing can perform resizing regardless of hardness, and the process will preserve most part shapes and sizes.

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