Electropolishing or Passivation: An Infographic Guide

If you aren't familiar with electropolishing, the differences between this process and the passivation process may not be immediately clear. While both are metal finishing operations that treat parts in a chemical solution and improve corrosion resistance, they are drastically different in many other ways. From the metals these processes can treat to the benefits they provide, electropolishing and passivation are considerably different.

To help explain the differences between the two, the team at Able Electropolishing is sharing a new infographic that puts them side-by-side. Now you can directly compare electropolishing to the passivation process and see how they measure up, including what the processes entail and what results you can expect from each.

Whether you've never heard of electropolishing before or you're just trying to decide between it and passivation, click on the infographic below for an easy comparison of these two very different metal finishing options.


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