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Electropolishing Eliminates Metal Staining & Discoloration

March 11, 2015
Eliminate Staining with Electropolishing

Unfortunately, there is no metal that exists (even stainless steel, despite the name) that is completely protected from staining and discoloration. If it is exposed to air, every type of metal can develop stains that can lead to rusting and corrosion in time. But that is no reason to discard this valuable material. At Able Electropolishing, we have been restoring and prolonging the life of metal parts for almost 60 years. Our qualified engineers and technicians are here to listen to your concerns and offer the best possible solution.

The Electropolishing Process At A Glance

Electropolishing is the most efficient option for businesses wanting to submit their stained metal parts. During the first step of the electropolishing procedure, metal parts are submerged in a chemical solution in which the voltage has been changed from AC to DC. After that, an electrolyte removes the metal ions by acting as a conductor. And finally, a perfectly even layer of surface metal is removed, resulting in several of benefits, including:

Corrosion Impedance: Left untouched, many metal parts are subject to the accumulation of corrosion and rust. Electropolishing delivers the maximum level of defense from corrosion by eliminating sites of possible corrosion, even for intricate or delicate shapes.

Improved Aesthetic Value: In addition to removing stains, discoloration, rust and producing smooth, rounded edges, electropolishing greatly enhances the visual attractiveness of metal parts. After the electropolishing process has taken place, metal parts are left with a shiny, ultra-polished surface. In fact, this finish is what earned the process its name.

Removal of Tiny Defects: If your metal parts have any micro-cracks or irregular surfaces not visible to the human eye, electropolishing can remove them without a trace. This helps reduce the likelihood that these flaws could worsen and negatively impact part performance.

Comprehensive Cleaning: Deeply embedded surface impurities can be completely removed with electropolishing. We have worked with clients in just about every industry, and we have a high success rate of completely eliminating stains, rust and many other impurities. We guarantee your part will be left with an even, sanitary surface.

To learn more about stain removal, electropolishing and other metal finishing methods, contact Able today.

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