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Learn about Electropolishing at International Fastener Expo 2023

October 2, 2023
Learn about Electropolishing at Fastener Expo 2023

fastener-expo-blogJoin Able Electropolishing at the renowned International Fastener Expo from October 9-11, where the world of fasteners is at your fingertips. 

Get ready to explore an expo floor brimming with innovation and new discoveries, showcasing the latest in fastener technologies and solutions.

Where & When

  • Expo Dates: October 9-11, 2023 – Note: The expo floor will be open starting on October 10
  • Location: Mandalay Bay, Halls E & F, Las Vegas
  • Booth: #1958

Discover the Power of Electropolishing

Stop by booth #1958 to learn how electropolishing eliminates fastener micro cracks, burrs and galling with microscopic precision, which enhances the durability, corrosion resistance (30x more than passivation alone) and part life. The result: fasteners that not only boast an aesthetically pleasing shine but also perform exceptionally well in the most demanding conditions.

Electropolishing provides critical improvements for applications ranging from titanium screws to stainless steel (200, 300 and 400 series) bolts and other fasteners used in transportation, waterworks, steel-fabricated buildings, and more.

Case study: birmingham fastener

Due to manufacturing techniques that combine forging and shot blasting, Birmingham metal fasteners were left with discoloration, surface defects, and contamination that impact durability and corrosion resistance.

For the last ten years, Able has used electropolishing to remove a microscopically precise layer of surface material on these parts that eliminates surface defects, provides a superior finish, and improves fit and function.

"We used to use passivation, but it was just a dull finish that didn’t look very good. I don’t know who found Able for us to try the electropolishing route, but it’s a night and day difference,” says Birmingham’s quality manager.

Download the case study

Whitepaper: Electropolishing for fasteners

Dive deeper into the world of electropolishing with our informative whitepaper: Electropolishing for Improved Fit, Function and Appearance of Metal Fasteners. Learn about the advantages of electropolishing – including 30x more corrosion resistance than passivation alone – and see the transformative process with before and after pictures.

Download the electropolishing fastener whitepaper

Elevate fastener performance with electropolishing

Join Able Electropolishing at the International Fastener Expo and discover the transformative power of electropolishing and enhance the form, fit and function of your fasteners. To set up an appointment, reach out to

See you at booth #1958 at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas!

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The Able Electropolishing Advantage

The Able Electropolishing Advantage

Learn how electropolishing promotes corrosion resistance, fatigue life improvement & pathogen resistance in our new video

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Electropolishing Before & After

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