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Electropolishing: Resolving Conductivity Issues for Electronics

March 23, 2015
Resolving Conductivity Issues With Electropolishing

If you are involved in the electronics industry, you know that manufacturers are always searching for new ways to enhance conductivity and equipment performance. It’s possible to greatly diminish the chance of performance failures like arcing or current flow interruption by maintaining a smooth surface that is free of burrs, and other imperfections.

Electropolishing Results in a Smooth Surface Finish

At Able, our electropolishing services are an ideal partnership for the electronics industry because electropolishing is one of the most exact methods of accomplishing an even finish that can guard against part failure. Our time-tested electropolishing process involves much more than just deburring—it refines the surface finish by as much as 50 percent, eradicating peaks and defects from the metal part, and reducing the Ra value. In addition, this process also creates slight radius because the transfer of ions occurs more rapidly on corners and edges, resulting in micro-deburring.

We are able to treat metal parts of just about any description, including:

  1. Aluminum
  2. Brass
  3. Carbon Steels
  4. Copper
  5. Nickel
  6. Nitinol
  7. Specialty Alloys
  8. Stainless Steel: 200-300 Series
  9. Stainless Steel: 400 Series
  10. Stainless Steel: Precipitating Hardening Grade
  11. Stainless Steel: Unusual
  12. Titanium

Electropolishing for Multiple Part Treatment

While electropolishing should not necessarily be seen as a substitution for plating, the process will leave your parts more resilient to corrosion, tarnish and oxidation. The smooth, even finish crafted by our process is very conducive to gold plating procedures, and an electropolished finish is highly advantageous without the need for gold plating the part.

Refinishing Parts of Multiple Sizes and Shapes

We have a client who sends us beryllium copper contacts of various sizes and thicknesses that are formed with an electrical discharge machine. The client sends the contacts to Able Electropolishing in either strips or small sheets. Because an EDM process is used to create these parts, the client needs a process that both refines the surface finish and removes the recast layer. As with all clients needing custom work, we worked with them to determine the correct amount of surface metal to remove. Then, during electropolishing, we were able to eliminate the small surface defects that were caused by the machining process.

To discuss how we can help optimize your business and help you solve conductivity issues with electropolishing, please get in touch with Able Electropolishing today. We can provide a free quote and answer all of your questions.

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