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Scale Removal Using the Electropolishing Technique

At Able Electropolishing, we offer our electropolishing service for a wide variety of common and specialty alloys, including stainless and carbon steel, titanium, aluminum, copper and nickel alloys, as well as Nitinol, Tungsten and other specialty alloys. Electropolishing offers better protection and enhanced performance than other methods such as passivation. Other benefits include:


Electropolishing can provide an even, complete finish on complicated or delicate parts that cannot be subjected to conventional finishing techniques. The part will not be stressed or modified in any way and surface hardness will not be affected.

Enhanced Weldability

Once electropolished, components are more conductive, resulting in improved weldability. The enhanced conductivity results in superior, stronger welds at lower voltage. Electropolished surfaces are generally safer to work with. They often weld more easily with less splatter and surface damage.


An electropolished surface will not peel, abrade, or become rough over time, unlike other methods such as painting or Teflon coating. This is particularly significant where particles from coating abrasion can cause equipment breakdown or other dangers. Standard areas include high vacuum assemblies, food or pharmaceutical processing, critical switch assemblies, and pure gas or water systems.

Resistance to Corrosion

Since electropolishing eliminates imbedded contaminants and leaves the surface clean and passive, the finished result will be more resilient against tarnish, corrosion, or oxidation. The results are particularly noticeable on materials like stainless steel, but can also be found on aluminum, copper, carbon steel and brass to a lesser extent.

While all these alloys are more resistant, we do not advocate electropolishing as an alternative for coatings or platings designed to guard a metal part in harsh environments.

For more information about using electropolishing for scale removal and other concerns, contact Able Electropolishing today.

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