Electropolishing Remove Burrs from Machining & Stamping Metal Parts

Smooth Out Rough Edges with Electropolishing

In order to prolong their life cycle and perform optimally over time, metal parts must remain in optimal condition. During machining or stamping parts may develop sharp edges and burrs, putting them and the people who use them at risk. Electropolishing, a technology used since the 1950s, is effective in applying a sling radius and deburring metal parts which has benefited industries such as medical, dental, aerospace, automotive, pharmaceutical and many more. At Able Electropolishing, we have been experts in this field for 60 years, and can break it down for you, step by step.

Process Overview

Electropolishing is a metal treatment process used to remove imperfections from metal parts and provide a passive surface. The process is often referred to as “reverse plating.” Electropolishing should be seen as the pivotal last step of any manufacturing process to ensure a long and productive life for metal parts, as well as resistance to corrosion and other environmental effects.

Electropolishing is frequently chosen as a final step in the manufacturing process because it is so effective at removing surface imperfections and embedded contaminants left behind by fabricating operations such as welding, and various types of machining.

By making electropolishing the final step in your manufacturing process, you can abolish the remaining imperfections, leaving parts with an even, corrosion-free and attractive finish.

Since the electropolishing process is used as the final step in manufacturing, Able Electropolishing offers custom packaging solutions, including clean bench packaging.

Don’t let sharp edges on metal parts impair their function or create costly problems. Our electropolishing service can remove unwanted sharp edges from just about any metal part imaginable, including food service equipment, automotive components, aerospace, pharmaceutical, chemical and much more.

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