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Take Able's Electropolishing 101 Quiz to Test Your Metal Finishing Knowledge

March 30, 2022

electropolishing-quizPut your electropolishing knowledge to the test with our new Electropolishing 101 quiz!

Across industries, electropolishing is the go-to metal finishing method for parts with no room for error. From aerospace to medical manufacturing, engineers rely on electropolishing to eliminate surface defects and create a hygienic, passive and ultra-smooth finish with improved fit, function and durability.

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Whatever your score, the experts at Able are here to answer your electropolishing questions. Our team has decades of experience working with clients to ensure the highest quality results for a wide variety of critical metal parts. 

Our Finish First methodology involves consultation on part design, prototyping, and more to ensure your part is optimized for durability, cleanability, and more.

Contact us or set up a Lunch & Learn session (the pizza is on us!) to learn more about electropolishing.

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The Able Electropolishing Advantage

The Able Electropolishing Advantage

Learn how electropolishing promotes corrosion resistance, fatigue life improvement & pathogen resistance in our new video

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Electropolishing Before & After

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