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Whitepaper: Electropolishing for Improved Corrosion Resistance

October 23, 2020
Whitepaper: Electropolishing for Significantly Improved Corrosion Resistance

corrosion-wp-blogEngineers across a variety of industries rely on electropolishing to finish their critical metal parts for a lot of reasons, but enhanced corrosion resistance is one of the most common.

That’s because electropolishing provides up to 30x more corrosion resistance than passivation, while also leaving parts in a passivated state.

Electropolishing is also more precise, with the ability to remove surface imperfections within microscopically small tolerances, leaving the surface passive, ultrasmooth and ultraclean.

For critical metal parts used in medical manufacturing, aerospace, food processing, and many other industries, this is a one-stop solution that also dissolves a long list of worries as it dissolves an array of surface defects like microcracks, microburrs and other imperfections left behind by the machining process.

Eliminate Defects that Contribute to Premature Part Failure

Manufacturers of medical devices and implants or flight critical parts for the aerospace industry can’t accept metal parts with defects that can invite corrosion, bacterial contamination, or create a risk of premature part failure.

That’s why the enhanced corrosion resistance and other benefits of electropolishing have made it the metal finishing process of choice for these industries and more. Download our latest whitepaper to learn more.

Whitepaper Highlights

Our whitepaper, Electropolishing for Significantly Improved Corrosion Resistance, includes an overview of electropolishing and the way in which it creates superior corrosion resistance for a wide array of metal parts. You’ll learn:

  • How electropolishing works
  • The advantages of electropolishing over passivation
  • The results of 3 case studies that demonstrate the enhanced corrosion resistance of electropolished metal parts

All-in-One Process for Superior Metal Finishing with Enhanced Corrosion Resistance

Electropolishing provides all the benefits of passivation, and more. In the stringent salt spray and humidity tests described in the whitepaper, electropolished metal – stainless steel in particular – out-performs metal parts subjected to passivation only, with a wide array of benefits that includes:

  • Deburring
  • Improved microfinish
  • Ultraclean surface
  • Cleanability
  • Antibacterial and pathogen resistance
  • Improved life cycle

Download the full whitepaper to learn more about the process and benefits of electropolishing for corrosion resistance.

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The Able Electropolishing Advantage

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