Whitepaper: Electropolishing Gets Better Results in the Effort to Eliminate Bacterial Cross-Contamination in Food Production


Bacterial contamination can pose a serious threat to the food industry. Without diligent steps to prevent contamination and cross-contamination of food production equipment, pathogens can transmit life-threatening illnesses on a wide scale.

Regular disinfection of such equipment is necessary but is far more effective when combined with methods that reduce bacterial build-up in the first place. That’s why so many manufacturers of metal parts used in food production equipment specify electropolishing as their finishing method, leaving parts with a surface finish that inhibits bacterial growth and makes cleaning more effective.

Studies from the U.S. Department of Agriculture describe the positive effects of the ultrasmooth metal finish that electropolishing produces.

Electropolishing Lends Pathogen Resistance to Augers, Blades, Process Equipment, and more

Electropolishing of metal parts used in food production not only increases pathogen resistance, it creates a smoother metal finish that is easier to disinfect. Not only does electropolishing remove surface imperfections that can be initiation cites for pathogen growth, it also appears to inhibit the formation of “biofilms” by which bacteria such as E. coli and salmonella link together to create a structure that is resistant to standard washing techniques. The studies show that electropolished stainless steel left “significantly fewer” of these biofilm structures beginning to form.

To learn more about electropolishing for food-borne pathogens, download our whitepaper: Electropolishing Shows Better Results in Reducing Bacterial Cross-Contamination in Food Production Equipment

High-Quality Electropolishing of Metal Parts for Pathogen Resistance

As the world’s largest electropolishing specialist, Able Electropolishing provides the highest-quality finishing processes to industries like food and beverage production and meat and poultry processing, where the standards for pathogen and corrosion-resistance leave no room for error. 

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We can help you achieve even higher quality metal finishing results with our Finish-First method for eliminating design flaws that can impede surface finish results. From first designs to the end product, we are committed to the process of producing the safest and highest-quality parts for your products.  

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