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Electropolishing is Delicious. Just Ask Our Food Industry Clients

July 14, 2021

electropolishing-grillRub or marinade? Smoke or gas? Vinegar or tomato-based sauce?

There is never any shortage of opinions when it comes to barbecue – even use of the term “barbecue” is a topic of fierce debate – but as food fights go, this one is delicious, so we’re wading in.

But first, we are going to attempt to posit one unassailable barbecue-related position: Electropolishing leaves stainless steel barbecue grates shiny, defect free and with enhanced corrosion resistance.

That’s why the manufacturer of one of the world’s best-known grill brands recently sent us more than 20,000 stainless steel barbecue grills to electropolish. No matter what your grilling/barbecuing style or preference, or how you prepare your secret sauce, it’s safe to say that a rust and defect-free surface is a good place to start.

Electropolishing Leaves No Room for Debate when it Comes to Metal Surface Improvement

Our customers in the food industry, including manufacturers of parts for grills, commercial oven racks and wiring and every manner of metal parts for food service and production rely on our high-quality electropolishing process to create the rust-inhibiting, bacteria and corrosion-resistant surface required for health and safety. The ultra-smooth, high-shine finish is also prized for its beauty and cleanability. And for keeping your famous grilled swordfish/hamburgers/pizza in one piece, without sticking to the surface.

What you put on your high-shine, ultrasmooth, corrosion-resistant grill surface is up to you. And there is very little that grill owners around the country haven’t put on the grill, from watermelon, to clams, to romaine lettuce.

Your Secret Sauce Could Not Be Any Better

We can’t argue with any of it, because at Able we’re rather big on innovation ourselves. Over decades in business and as the world’s biggest electropolishing specialist, we know that the best way to do something is sometimes a way that hasn’t been tried before, and we spend a lot of time collaborating with engineers across an array of industries to get our processes perfectly tailored to a specific application. That’s how continuous improvement and a commitment to the highest quality results drives innovation.

The same could be said for barbecue, yes? No?

We did not mean to imply that it would be possible to improve upon your great-great-great-grandfather’s secret recipe. Which is absolutely perfect. We wouldn’t dream of tweaking it and wish to apologize for implying otherwise… We were warned that this topic could get heated…. to temperatures of up to 450°F. Hah! Just trying to lighten the mood.

Let us make it up to you by sharing a few of the Able Electropolishing team’s favorite barbecue recipes. We don’t like to brag, but with customers in industries like medical device manufacturing and aerospace, we tend to fall into the perfectionist zone on the personality scale.

But don’t worry, none of these recipes requires the kind of microscopic precision that electropolishing is known for.

Let us know what you think. We can talk about it over lunch, if you like.

Wishing all of you a summer of sunshine, barbecue and friendly backyard gatherings!

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