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Video: The Top Ten Benefits of Electropolishing

July 3, 2024


When metal parts are machined, a range of compromising imperfections – including microcracks, microburrs, stains, free iron, and Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) recast – are often left behind. These small but significant imperfections can lead to a host of bad outcomes.

Microcracks can become initiation sites for corrosion. Microburrs can cause “thread galling” in fasteners. EDM recast can diminish the flexibility and durability of parts that compress, flex, twist and bend. Stains can impact a part’s aesthetics – and call its reliability into question.

OEMs and contract manufacturers that produce aerospace, automotive, marine components and medical and dental devices, know issues like premature failure, corrosion and galling are non-starters. That’s why so many of the world’s leading manufacturers rely on electropolishing to remediate surface imperfections on their metal parts.

To learn why electropolishing is used by NASA, 3M, Boeing, and more, watch our latest video: “The Top 10 Benefits of Electropolishing.”


Electropolishing uses a chemical electrolyte bath and rectified current to remove a precise and uniform layer of surface material to improve the finish, fit, function and durability of metal parts.

Among other benefits, electropolishing can:

  • Eliminate defects like burrs, cracks and pits
  • Improve surface roughness (Ra) by up to 50%
  • Leave surfaces ultrasmooth and easy to clean
  • Significantly improve corrosion resistance
  • Increase the durability of parts
  • Extend the lifespan of parts

For more information about the benefits of electropolishing, watch the video.


Able Electropolishing has been perfecting the art and science of electropolishing for 70 years. As the largest electropolishing specialist in the world, Able has the resources and experience needed to deliver next-level results. From “finishing first” consulting in the prototype stage, to our turnkey sourcing service, Able helps manufacturers derive the highest quality surface finish results for their parts.

To see the benefits for yourself, send us a sample for electropolishing. To learn more, contact our team of electropolishing experts.

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